• Pedro Björn - Product Designer

As a committed and driven Product Designer, I focus on UI, Visual and UX design, but I'm also experienced in Front-end Development.

Fast learning and attentive, I'm a good listener that welcomes feedback in order to grow and produce better work.

I grew up Portugal and moved to Sweden in 2010 to explore my other home, and to find new opportunities. I'm interested in art, cinema, gaming and tech, and I'm always eager to take on new challenges.

Core Skills
  • - Product Design
  • - UI i.e User Interface Design
  • - UX i.e User Experience Design
  • - Visual Design
  • - Front-end development
Technical Skills
  • - UI Design Tools e.g Sketch, Prototyping Tools
  • - Prototyping Tools e.g Figma, Invision
  • - Adobe Suite e.g Photoshop, Illustrator
  • - Product Managemente.g Jira, Trello
  • - Front-end e.g HTML, CSS, Javascript


Sportamore AB - Product Designer

2018 - 01

At Sportamore I was responsible for introducing a formal UX and UI design process for a big update of the ecommerce sites, as well as establishing the process of collaboration between design and development.

Key Responsibilities

  • - Product Design
  • - UI design
  • - UX design
  • - Visual Design

Key Achievements

  • - Redesigning the e-commerce experience at Sportamore through UX, UI and Visual Design.
  • - Established and implemented the Design System, Token System and Pattern Library.
  • - Introduced and established user research and data analysis into the design processes.

Granditude AB - Product Designer

2014 - 09

Initially tasked with the development of a prototype for the companies data analytics cloud solu- tion, I also ended up handling the brand identity, user experience, marketing, and worked as a UX / front-end design consultant for some clients as well.

Key Responsibilities

  • - Product Design
  • - UI design
  • - UX design
  • - Front-end Development

Key Achievements

  • - Designed, developed and managed the development of the data app.
  • - Designed and developed the web-site and marketing.
  • - Refined the brand identity.
  • - Worked as a UI and front-end design consultant.

Plotagon AB - Junior Technical Artist

2013 - 01

After a 6 month internship, I was hired as a Junior Unity Developer, and worked with the implementation of art assets into the Unity engine, and ensured the content was consistent.

Key Responsibilities

  • - Content Quality Inspector
  • - Unity Scene Lighting
  • - Unity Environment Art
  • - Developing Unity Tools

Key Achievements

  • - Constructed environments out of provided assets.
  • - Tested the app for bugs and maintained quality.
  • - Provided tools that facilitated the artists' workflow.
  • - Coordinated between the artists and developers.



When I’m not entertained with personal projects, I like to draw, play table-top and video games, and I’m a big fan of cinema as well. I really enjoy attending art and design exhibitions, as well as live shows whenever possible.

  • - English Fluent
  • - Portuguese Fluent
  • - Swedish Proficient
  • - Spanish Minimum

You can email me at